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Congrats to all our Grads!!

Summer fun begins!

Each June, I pause to stop and think how fast the school year went by! Once again I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for art with such like-minded friends. I call you friends because our relationship is much more than just teacher-student. I've had the privilege to work with you weekly, some of you for over twelve years.

I remember back in the Spring of 2001, a young girl not more than 7 or 8, walking into my school, Katina Tsiamtsiouris. I vividly recall Katina and her friend Anastasia heckling me all the time. I don't know who laughed harder them or me! And for the next ten years Katina continued to bring joy in my life making our class a lot of fun. While Katina and I enjoyed art together, her parents Vicki and Pete were so generous around the holidays always supplying us with sandwiches and wraps for our parties.

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that Katina's dad Pete passed away in late April. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Vicki and Katina and please know your friends here at the Creators Workshop are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.
In a different kind of sad our longtime assistant, Amanda Kutcher will graduate this week and head off to Delaware Valley College this fall. I know...yes I'm supposed to be happy for her, but I'm being totally selfish here knowing our Saturday class won't be the same. Besides being a wonderful artist and animal lover, Amanda was also the biggest Beatles fan I've ever known!!! Our Saturdays were always a combination of learning art and playing "Guess that Beatle tune"!!! One of the most memorable, fun nights in my life is when Amanda and I teamed up to perform at our exhibit, "The art of the Beatles". What a great night filled with incredible Beatle art and music. So perhaps I may never forgive Amanda for moving on with her life I will always appreciate her making my school a nicer more magical place. Congratulations Amanda... and keep me in mind if you ever want to perform a duo at your college!
And finally, Congratulations to all my graduates this year. I'm so proud of Fiona, who no doubt will end up at Disney one day! Also a fond congrats to Faith, Angela, Keshav, and Noelle as they move on to art and high schools.
Summer is officially here and our last class for the Spring session is Sat, June 27. Our Summer classes, camps, and workshops begin on July 6. I thank you for a great year and wish you a healthy, fun Summer. I look forward to seeing everyone in September